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Sell your property in less than two weeks
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We Buy Land in Maryland

We’re looking to purchase land in Maryland quickly and at a fair price.

Sell Now Land Buyers can make you a hard to beat fair offer - no matter the situation. Selling vacant property has never been this easy…

Call us at (888) 326-9360 to get started today!

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I need to sell my land fast, hassle-free, and for a fair price. Who can I trust to buy my property?"

We will be your trusted partner to buy your vacant land in Maryland without hassle. 

If you need an easy and quick sale, let us give you a fair offer to make it as simple as possible to get cash for your property!

Getting cash for your land gives you certainty about the price, timing and structure of sale. Sell on a timeline that works for YOU!

Why Sell Your Land Fast?

You have your own reasons why you want to sell for cash, but normally it has to do with convenience and speed. 

It’s not difficult to sell a piece of land, but it can take a long time. Listing your vacant land with a real estate agent does not guarantee that it will sell. To sell land fast, you’ll need to consider other options. 

Some owners who want to sell prefer to skip the hassle and get right to the sale. Other people prefer to know exactly what they’ll pocket from the sale. This avoids guessing how much the commissions and closing costs will take away. 

And some Maryland land owners just want their money out quickly so they can use it for better things.

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    Save realtor fees
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    No waiting for buyer
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    Easiest way to sell
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    No closing costs
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    Sell on your timeline
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    No property taxes

Sell to a Land Buyer - What Makes Us Different?

Why should you choose us to buy your vacant land fast?

As land specialists, we deal with all types of vacant land in Maryland - commercial, residential, agricultural - and any size. 

Our process makes selling your unwanted land easy. We walk you through each step and communicate with you along the way. You always know where we are in the process and what’s coming up next. 

As real estate investors, we work with you directly to buy your property.

Selling Land Fast in Maryland

If you’re looking to sell your lot in Maryland, there are a few things you should know first. The most common way to sell land in Maryland is to list it with a real estate agent. They’ll look for a buyer for you and handle most of the paperwork. But a real estate agent won’t be able to tell you how long it will take to find a buyer

Maybe you considered selling the land yourself. You’ll need to advertise the property to find a buyer. Be prepared that potential buyers may want to tour the property. Also, make sure your land is in good condition and well-maintained. Finally, be prepared to negotiate with buyers. 

The alternative is to sell directly to a land buying company like ours. We make the process very easy and give you certainty about the price you’ll get. You also won’t have to guess how long the process will take. We can buy your land for cash in as little as two weeks.

Ready to get started? Call us at (888) 326-9360 today!

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Land Experts

We're land's all we do!

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We communicate with you every step of the way

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Direct Land Buyers

You'll deal directly with us, no middlemen

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Simple Process

We make it very easy to sell your land

Ready to Claim Your Cash Offer?

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Sell My Land For Cash As-Is

Sell Now Land Buyers is looking to buy all types of land. We can buy your property fast regardless of the reason for selling. We’re looking for vacant land property in Maryland of all sizes and value.

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    Residential Land
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    Commercial Land
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    Land with Vacant Structures
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    Agricultural Land
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    Wooded Lots
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    Did you inherit a property?
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    Never got around to building?
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    Move away?
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    Tired of paying property taxes?
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    Not visiting the property anymore?

If you are considering selling for any reason, we’d love to give you cash for your property!

Selling Land Without a Realtor

A lot of people choose to sell their land without a real estate agent to save money and keep a greater share of the sales price. Cutting out the real estate sales commission can help you save money. But selling your vacant land on your own can be much more time-consuming. 

For others, it can be tricky to find a real estate agent who’ll list your raw land for sale. Rural areas in particular often don’t have many agents to choose from. If you do find a real estate agent, they may not take your listing. Commissions on vacant land sales can be as high as 10%. Still, the realtor won’t make as much as they do selling a house. 

The other reason for selling a property without a realtor is to sell land quickly. A real estate agent may help get you the best possible price, but typically it won’t be fast. 

The alternative to sell fast in Maryland is to sell to a land buying company. Companies that buy vacant land will handle the sale in the same professional way as a real estate agent. But they can buy land in MD fast.

Our Land Buying Process - Easiest Way to Sell

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Receive Offer

We send you a cash offer to purchase your land.

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Make a Deal

Claim your offer by signing a simple sale agreement.

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Closing Process

We prepare the closing documents and schedule a closing date that works for you.

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Receive Payment

You receive full payment and the sale process is complete.

Buying Maryland Land - Get a Cash Offer

Maryland is a varied state with landscapes ranging from mountains in the west to waterfront property on the Chesapeake Bay. 

We buy land across the 23 Maryland counties. Whether it’s Annapolis or Frederick and the surrounding areas in Maryland, we can make you a competitive cash offer to buy your lot or land. We'll also buy your Maryland land near Deep Creek. 

Our cash offer can save you time and stress by providing a quick and simple transaction.    

If you’re thinking of selling, we can provide you with a fair cash offer for your land in Maryland. We buy land in Maryland!

Ready to Sell Your Land?

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