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We buy vacant land for cash!

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We Buy Vacant Land

Sell Now Land Buyers is looking to buy land like yours quickly for cash with a fair offer.

We'll make you a cash offer for your land – no matter the situation or circumstances. It's never been easier to sell land fast.

Call us at (888) 326-9360 to get started today!

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I want to sell my land fast, hassle-free, and for a fair price. Who can I trust to buy my land?"

Sell Now Land Buyers will be your trusted partner to buy your land without hassle.

If you need to sell your land without waiting for the perfect buyer to come along, we will make you a cash offer so you can sell your property quickly, hassle-free.

Selling your land directly to Sell Now Land Buyers gives you certainty about the cash you'll get without wondering how long it will take. Sell land on a timeline that works for you!

Why Sell Land Fast for Cash?

Your reasons for wanting to sell land fast are unique to you, but typically it comes down to convenience and speed. It isn’t hard to sell land, but it can take quite a long time, and listing your vacant land property with a realtor is not a guarantee that it will sell.

Some people want to skip the hassle and get right to the sale. Others like the certainty of knowing exactly what they'll pocket from the sale - instead of guessing how much commissions and closing costs will take away. And some sellers just need to get their money out quickly to use it for a better purpose.

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    Save realtor fees
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    No waiting for buyer
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    Easiest way to sell
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    No closing costs
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    Sell on your timeline
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    No more property taxes

Selling to a Cash Buyer - What Makes Us Different?

Why choose Sell Now Land Buyers to buy your vacant land? 

We're land specialists interested in all types of land - commercial, residential, agricultural - of any size.

We have a process that makes it very easy to sell your unwanted land. We guide you through all the steps and communicate with you so you always know where we are in the process and what's coming next. It’s also the fastest way to sell land.

You'll be dealing directly with us to sell the land property.

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Land Experts

We're land's all we do!

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We communicate with you every step of the way

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Direct Land Buyers

You'll deal directly with us, no middlemen

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Simple Process

We make it very easy to sell your land

3 Ways to Sell Your Property

There are essentially three ways to sell land property. Which is best for you depends on your priorities and timeline.

1) List Land For Sale with a Real Estate Agent

This is the traditional way to sell a property. You would interview realtors in your area, hopefully finding one with experience in vacant land sales. The realtor will market the property for you and try to find a buyer. 

The benefit of the traditional approach is that a realtor will try to get you the highest price. They also handle most, but not all, of the paperwork. This includes the sale contract and coordinating the documents needed for closing. 

The downside of working with a real estate agent is that it may take a long time to sell the property. Vacant land does not sell as easily as other properties like a home.

It’s common for land sales to take 6 to 12 months or longer to sell land the traditional way.

The other drawback of selling land through an agent is paying the sales commission. The commission can be as much as 10% for land sales because most vacant land sells for less than a home in that area. The higher commission is needed to convince the realtor to list your land.

2) Sell By Owner

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is another way to sell your property. In this approach, you’ll be doing everything yourself. That includes marketing the property for sale, talking to buyers, giving tours of the property, and negotiating the sale contract. 

The benefit of this approach is you can set the price you want. You also avoid paying a sales commission to a listing agent. You may still have to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent if they have one. 

The downside is that it’s a ton of work to sell land by owner. The process of getting the property ready for sale, listing the land for sale, and negotiating with buyers is not for everyone. And it may take even longer than listing the property with a realtor since your listing won’t get as much exposure.

Selling land FSBO works best when you already know who the buyer will be. For example, if you’ve already arranged to sell the property to a neighbor or family member. For more information, see our for sale by owner posts.

3) Selling Land Fast to a Cash Buyer

The other option is to sell land fast to a cash buyer like us. The reality is that while there are a number of options to sell land, this is the only way that’s fast. It takes a lot of time to advertise the land, list the land on various websites, and then respond to interested buyers. After that, you have the sales contract to negotiate and the closing to arrange.

Most property owners will also find there are costs to sell land by owner. That could mean getting professional photos or paying to list the property on some websites. When you sell land for cash, you don’t have any of those costs. And all of that effort comes with uncertainty about whether you'll actually sell the land or not. 

Another benefit of selling your vacant land to one of the online land selling sites is the company does all the work for you. Our company makes the transaction quick and easy for you as the seller. You won’t need to take photos, put up a for sale sign, or take calls from prospective buyers. And we can buy vacant land quickly.

Convenience is more of a priority than getting the highest offer for some sellers.

The downside to selling fast to a cash buyer is a discounted offer since they need to make a profit (and go through all the steps to sell the land that you may not want to). For some sellers, this is a trade-off worth making when they consider the alternatives. To learn more, see our info on how to sell land fast.

If you'd like to receive a no-obligation cash offer for your land, please fill out our simple cash offer form. Why not find out the cash value of your land before starting the process of listing your land for sale by owner?

Ready to Get Your Cash Offer?

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We Buy Property of All Types…In Any Situation

Sell Now Land Buyers is looking to buy all types of vacant land. No matter the reason to sell, we can purchase your property. We're interested in parcels of any size and value.

We buy land throughout the United States, including in Texas where we're based.

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    Residential Land
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    Commercial Land
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    Land with Vacant Structures
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    Farm Land
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    Wooded Lots
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    Did you inherit a property?
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    Never got around to building?
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    Move away?
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    Tired of paying property taxes?
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    Not visiting the property anymore?

If you're looking to sell for any reason, we'd love to make you an offer!

Fast Land Sales - How it Works

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Receive Offer

We send you a cash offer to purchase your land.

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Make a Deal

Claim your offer by signing a simple sale agreement.

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Closing Process

We prepare the closing documents and schedule a closing date that works for you.

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Receive Payment

You receive full payment and the deed is transferred.

Sell Land Without a Real Estate Agent

A lot of people want to sell land without a real estate agent to keep more of the sales price. Cutting out the sales commissions can save you some money, but it can be complicated and time-consuming to sell land yourself.

For other people, it can be a challenge to locate a real estate agent who will list raw land for sale. Rural areas often do not have many real estate agents to choose from. If you do find a real estate agent, they still may not take your listing.

Sales commissions on vacant land sales can be as high as 10%.

Most real estate agents focus on listing homes instead of land because the commissions are higher and it's easier to sell a house. That means fewer real estate agents for land listings.

The other reason to sell property without a realtor is to sell land fast. A real estate agent might be able to get you the best price for your property, but it may take a long time.

The alternative is to sell to a land buying company. A cash buyer will handle the sale in the same professional way as a realtor. But they can buy land quickly.


Benefits of a Cash Offer for Your Land

There are many benefits to cash offers besides selling land fast. It's the easiest way to sell vacant land fast, saving you a lot of time. You will sell your land as-is, without any contract contingencies. You also won’t need to take care of any issues or make any preparations to sell the land.

You will be certain about exactly how much you’ll receive from the property sale. You won't have to guess if and when a land buyer will come along or how long it will take to complete the sale.

You'll be dealing directly with us as land experts who will guide you through each step of the process.

Choosing to sell land quickly for cash also saves you from paying costly fees like sales commissions. You won’t have to pay a real estate commission which can be 10% of the sale price in a traditional sale. You also won’t have to pay any closing costs such as attorneys fees or transfer and recording taxes. 

There are many reasons to sell your land fast, and everyone has their own reasons for wanting to sell their land and move on. If you're ready to sell your land fast, consider taking a moment to fill out the form below and request a cash offer from us.

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I started Sell Now Land Buyers to make it simple and easy to sell unwanted land. Whether you've moved away, inherited a property, or simply changed your plans - once you've decided it's time to sell your land you should be able to get your money out quickly and hassle-free.

~Matt Bowyer, Owner, Sell Now Land Buyers

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