Process for Selling Land Without a Realtor - How We Buy Vacant Land

If you're considering selling your land online, you may be wondering how the process works. After all, don't you need a realtor to sell a property? There are certain situations where hiring a real estate agent is worthwhile. But the easiest way to sell a parcel of land is to sell to a cash buyer.

Why sell land without a realtor?

For many people, the motivation is to save costs and keep more of the sale price in their pocket. Cutting out the sales commission can certainly reduce your costs. Since the commission is a percentage of the sale price, eliminating the commission can save you thousands of dollars.  

Selling land directly to a cash buyer allows you to sell faster. We can purchase your land in as little as two weeks. We're looking to buy vacant land property of all types.

You could sell a piece of land by owner, but it's a lot more work. It's different from selling a home because there aren't as many potential buyers. You'd have to market your property yourself and show the property to prospective buyers.

Our buying process - Sell Now Land Buyers

Ready to sell? Get a cash offer today

Now that you know the process we use to buy your vacant land, maybe you'd like to request a fair cash offer. This can save you valuable time. You won't need to search for and interview a real estate agent or create your own marketing to sell land by owner.

One of the other benefits is that land buyers are experienced real estate professionals with expert knowledge. We'll guide you through the procedure for selling land and make the process very easy. Of course, our business needs to make a profit so you would be selling the property below market value.

Still, for some landowners, the convenience of selling real estate hassle-free is more important than getting full price for the land.

It's also the fastest way to sell land - the whole process typically takes less than two weeks.

If you are interested in selling your land quickly, find out more about the benefits of selling land for cash.

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Frequently asked questions

I'm ready to sign the sale contract, what's next?

If you're ready to start the process, we will sign the contract and send it to you for your records. We will select a title company and pick a mutually agreeable closing date. The title company will prepare the closing documents for you to sign. On the closing date, the sale proceeds are transferred to you and the title to the property is transferred to us as the buyers.

When will I get my money?

In our standard purchase contract, we pay all closing costs including document preparation, settlement fees, recording, and transfer fees. The only costs to you at closing are property taxes or other assessments like homeowner's association fees up to the date of closing. After closing, those costs are our responsibility as the buyers.

Where will I sign the closing documents?

We will select a title company local to you and you can sign the closing statement and other documents required for the sale at their offices or wherever you typically get documents notarized such as your local bank. If you prefer to sign the documents at home we will send a notary public to meet you.

Will it cost me anything to sell my land?

You'll receive the sale proceeds at closing. As the buyers, we send the purchase funds to the title company in advance of the closing and then the title company releases the funds to you once they've received all the signed documents.