Sell Land By Owner

Sold sign in a rural setting

6 Free or Cheap Ways How to Sell Land Without a Realtor

Selling land without a realtor doesn't need to be complicated or cost much. Learn 6 free or cheap ways how to sell your land without a realtor that get results.

For sale sign in an empty field

Sell Your Land for Less than $100 with a Sign

A sign is a low-tech way to let people know that your land is for sale. Learn how to get a simple sign shipped to your door for less than $100 that will help advertise your property.

Group of mailboxes in a rural setting

Sell Your Land with a Neighbor Letter Campaign

People that already live near your land or own land nearby themselves are some of the most likely buyers of your land. Learn how to create a neighbor letter campaign that will reach this pool of potential buyers with very few steps and little cost.

Craigslist logo

How To Sell Land On Craigslist - Real Estate Listing Guide

With millions of visitors per month, Craigslist should be one of the first places you list your land for sale. Learn how to create a Craigslist ad that will stand out and help you sell your land.

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How to Sell Land on Facebook Marketplace - Guide to Selling on Facebook

With millions of daily users, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to advertise land for sale. Learn how to leverage the power of this social network to create a land listings that will get lots of views, saves, and shares.

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How to Sell Land on Zillow

As the # 1 real estate website, Zillow is a great potential source of buyers if you’re looking to sell your land yourself, but there are drawbacks to for sale by owner listings on Zillow. Learn how to make the most of this highly visited website and avoid the potential pitfalls.

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Documents Needed to Sell Land By Owner in Texas

If you want to sell land by owner in Texas, you'll be responsible for preparing all the documents needed to transfer the property. Discover what documents you'll need to sell by owner and also some alternatives to doing it all yourself.

Multiple listing service printed on a binder

Should I List My Land For Sale on MLS?

The MLS can be one of the best places to gain exposure when listing your land for sale by owner, but how can you gain access without a realtor? Learn how you can list your land on the MLS for a flat fee when selling land by owner.

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Should I Hire a Real Estate Photographer?

Most of the ways to advertise your land for sale will require photos to get started. Find out whether you need professional photography, what services to order, and how much it will cost.

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How to Sell Land by Owner in Texas

Selling land by owner can be daunting. Where will you find a buyer? And what paperwork is required to sell vacant land? Fortunately, selling land by owner in Texas is straightforward once you break it down into a few manageable steps.

airplane flying over rural land with sunset

How to Sell Land Out of State - Guide to Selling Long-Distance

If you've moved away, inherited a property, or no longer visit your out of state property you may be wondering if you'll be able sell it long distance. The answer is yes - learn how to sell out of state land and what taxes you'll have to pay.

field divided into two parts by a fence

How to Sell Part of Your Land - 7 Step Guide to Selling

If you have more land than you need, you may have wondered if you could sell off a portion of your property. But how can you know if you can sell a piece of your land? If you're able to do so, what's the process and how can you get started? In this article, we'll cover the key information to check first to determine if you can sell part of your land.