Land for Sale Advertisement Sample - Real Estate Ads That Sell

So, you want to sell your land and you know you'll need to advertise it to find a buyer. But you're not sure how to get started. What should you say in the ad? What will potential buyers want to know about your property?

In this article, we'll show you examples of real estate ads that sell properties fast. You'll see real examples of eye-catching ads specifically for vacant land that have been successful in our real estate business. And we share with you the template we use for our own real estate listings.


Key Takeaways

  • 🖼️ Real estate ads should have 3 main components: pictures, listing title, and property description
  • 📷 Use professional photos including aerial drone images to grab attention
  • 📝 The listing title should draw people in
  • 🏡 Property description should highlight best features and include a call to action
  • 📋 Include a list of basic facts to reduce questions from buyers

Why are real estate advertisements important?

It's not complicated to sell land, but it's not easy. You'll have to get wide exposure for your land listing to reach prospective buyers. And the process is quite a bit different than listing a house for sale. There are just not as many people looking for land.

And if you're selling land by owner, you won't have a real estate agent to help market the property for you.

That's where advertising comes in. Advertising is more than just a way of getting the word out that your land is for sale. Effective real estate ads will make people want to buy your land even before they've seen it.

How to write real estate ads better than a realtor

There are many places to advertise land for sale including Craigslist, Facebook, Zillow, and other real estate websites. They all have similar options for posting land to sell. Even if you're creating offline ads like a flyer, the structure of the ad will be the same. Successful real estate ads have three main components:

  • Pictures
  • Listing title
  • Property description

These are your main opportunities to get your buyer's attention.


Any successful land listing starts with great photography. No matter how good your title or property description may be, potential buyers won't even notice your listing if you don't use stunning images.

We recommend having the land professionally photographed, even if you're on a budget. It's the easiest way to differentiate your listing from others.

Listing title

Next is the title for your listing. It's not enough to just provide the basic information about the property you're selling. The title should draw people in to learn more.

Normally, there will be a maximum number of characters you can use with online advertising. This is not a time to keep things short and sweet. You want to use all the space available to grab people's attention.

How to write a good property description

The property description should tell people about the best features the property has. Buyers need to know the basic information about the property. But they're really interested in what the land can be used for. Will they be able to build on the land? Does the property already have some utilities in place?

‍Make sure to include a strong call to action. The call to action directs buyers what they should do next. Should they call, text, or email you? Eliminate confusion by telling buyers how they can move forward with the sales process.

Real estate ad examples

Here's an advertisement example that shows how to pull all of these concepts together. The photos were professionally taken and included aerial drone imagery. This property was NOT on the water, but it was near the water, so that's what the advertisement highlighted.

The title is enough to catch your eye and would appeal to anyone with an RV or looking for land near the water.

Finally, the property description provides lots of details about the property. The description is less about the parcel of land itself and more about what the buyer will be able to enjoy once they buy it from you.

Blind ads

Blind ads are a way of reaching a certain target audience before sharing much about the property you're listing. Blind advertisements require buyers to take action before they find out about your property. (Sort of like showing up for a blind date.)

Blind ads should be targeted towards interests and uses that your property supports. In the example above, this blind advertisement will stand out to hunters looking for land much more than a traditional property listing. The same idea can be applied to many different uses and interests like new home construction, recreational vehicles, or watersports.

Our vacant land listing template

We like to include a list of basic facts in our land advertisements as shown below. This helps reduce questions from buyers who may not be serious, but will take up your time. Without a clear list like this people will call asking what size the property is, where it's located, what's the asking price, etc.

Property Details

Parcel Number

Parcel Size (acres)






GPS Coordinates

Access (road, unpaved, or no access)

Water - (public water or well required)

Sewer - (septic system or public sewer)


Annual Taxes


The most important step in selling land is creating a successful advertising campaign. It's worth taking the time to get great photos, create an appealing title, and write a property description that speaks to your buyer. Hopefully, some of the advertising examples shown here will give some ideas to create your next 'land for sale' advertisement.