Selling Land in Texas

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How to Sell Land by Owner in Texas

Selling land by owner can be daunting. Where will you find a buyer? And what paperwork is required to sell vacant land? Fortunately, selling land by owner in Texas is straightforward once you break it down into a few manageable steps.

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Documents Needed to Sell Land By Owner in Texas

If you want to sell land by owner in Texas, you'll be responsible for preparing all the documents needed to transfer the property. Discover what documents you'll need to sell by owner and also some alternatives to doing it all yourself.

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How to Fill Out TREC Unimproved Property Contract Form - Step-by-Step With Examples

When buying or selling land in Texas, an important decision is what contract form to use. Fortunately, the TREC contract forms are available for public use. In this article, we'll explain what the unimproved property contract is and when to use it.

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How to Sell Inherited Land in Texas

Inheriting land can be a blessing or a burden depending on the property and the circumstances of the inheritance. Learn what legal steps to take to get title to the property and what options you have for selling the land.