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Quick cash for land!

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The easiest way to sell your land
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Sell your property in less than two weeks
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We pay all title, escrow, and closing costs
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No broker commissions or listing fees

We Buy Land in San Antonio

We're looking to purchase land like yours quickly at a fair price.

Sell Now Land Buyers can make you a cash offer for your land – in any situation or circumstance. Selling vacant land has never been so easy. Call us at (888) 326-9360 to get started today!

Have you asked:

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I want to sell my land fast, hassle-free, and for a fair price. Who can I trust to buy my land?"

We'll be your trusted partner to buy your land - without the hassle. Sell Now Land Buyers will give you a fair cash offer to sell your property quickly and stress-free so you can sell it without having to wait for a buyer to come along.

By selling your land directly to Sell Now Land Buyers you'll know exactly how much you will get without wondering how long it will take. You can set your own timeline for selling!

Why Sell Your San Antonio Land for Cash?

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    Save realtor fees
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    No waiting for buyer
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    Easiest way to sell
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    No closing costs
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    Sell on your timeline
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    No more property taxes

Your reasons for wanting to sell your land for cash are entirely your own, but most of the time it's because it's convenient and quick.

It's not difficult to sell land, but it may take a long time and selling land through a real estate an agent is no assurance that the property will sell either.

Many sellers simply want to get the sale over and done with, without having to wait. Others like to know exactly what they'll get from the sale - rather than guessing at the sale price and how much commissions and fees will take away.

And some people simply want to get their money out as quickly as possible so they can spend it on something else.

Why Choose Sell Now Land Buyers?

Why should you pick Sell Now Land Buyers to purchase your land?

We're land experts looking to buy any type of property, large or small: commercial, residential, agricultural. We have a very straightforward process for buying your vacant land.

We'll walk you through each stage of the process and keep you up to speed on what's going on next so that you know exactly where we are in the process and what's next.

As direct land buyers, you'll be dealing with us directly throughout the sale process.

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Land Experts

We're land experts...it's all we do!

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We communicate with you every step of the way

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Direct Land Buyers

You'll deal directly with us, no middlemen

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Simple Process

We make it very easy to sell your land

We Buy Property of All Types…In Any Situation

Sell Now Land Buyers is looking to buy all types of vacant land. No matter the reason to sell, we can purchase your property. We're interested in parcels of any size and value.

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    Residential Land
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    Commercial Land
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    Land with Vacant Structures
  • Green checkmark icon
    Farm Land
  • Green checkmark icon
    Wooded Lots
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    Did you inherit a property?
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    Never got around to building?
  • Green checkmark icon
    Move away?
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    Tired of paying property taxes?
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    Not visiting the property anymore?

If you're looking to sell for any reason, we'd love to make you an offer!

How it Works

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Receive Offer

We send you a cash offer to purchase your land.

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Make a Deal

Claim your offer by signing a simple sale agreement.

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Closing Process

We prepare the closing documents and schedule a closing date that works for you.

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Receive Payment

You receive full payment and the deed is transferred.

San Antonio Fast Land Buyers

As buyers of San Antonio TX land, we buy land all across southern Texas including New Braunfels, Bexar County, and Comal County.

We can make you a competitive cash offer to buy your land, whether it's in the city or the surrounding areas.

We can help you save time by providing a cash offer for your land. We provide cash offers for properties and land throughout southern Texas, and we're ready to make you a fair offer today.

No matter what your situation is, why not find out what your property is worth and get a cash offer for your land from us?

Get an Offer to Sell Your Land Fast!

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