Sell My Land Fast

Land doesn't change hands very frequently, but once you decide to sell your land, often landowners want to sell land fast. The fastest way to sell vacant land is to sell to a we buy land company like ours. We're able to make a cash offer to buy your land without hassle.

There are other ways to sell land including selling land by owner and listing your lot with a realtor, but typically neither of these is a way to sell land fast. If you're wondering 'How can I sell my land fast?' then selling to a cash buyer may be your best option.

Key Takeaways

  • Sell land fast for cash with no fees or commissions
  • Skip lengthy process of selling by owner or with a realtor
  • Get certainty about the price and timeline to sell

Why Sell Land Fast?

There are many reasons a property owner may choose to sell vacant land quickly for cash. Often it's because the seller doesn't have a use for the vacant land property anymore.

Maybe you're finding you don't visit the land property as much as you used to. Or maybe you thought you would build on the land one day, but your plans have changed and want to find out about selling your land fast.

Sometimes a landowner inherits the property, but is not able to use it for themselves. After a lengthy process to transfer the title, they're ready to sell the vacant land fast. 

Whatever the reason, when it's time to sell, some sellers want to skip a lengthy process and just sell their land quickly. They know that it can take a very long time to sell land by owner and that listing the property with a realtor may not be fast either.

  • Easiest way to sell your land
  • Certainty about the price and timeline to sell
  • Cash out of your land 

How Can I Sell My Land Fast?

When you're asking 'How can I sell my land quickly?', consider getting a cash offer from us. Here are the steps to sell vacant land fast:

1) To get started, complete our simple cash offer form.

2) We'll contact you to let you know we received your information and make you a fair offer - usually within 24 hours.

3) Once you accept the cash offer, we send the purchase agreement to a title company located in your area and pick a closing date that works for you.

4) At closing, you'll receive the cash proceeds from the sale and ownership of the land will be transferred to us.

Hassle-Free Land Selling, Fast

For many landowners, the main reason to sell vacant land for cash is convenience. While getting their cash out of the land is important, the time and energy saved compared to selling by owner or listing with a real estate agent is even more important.

It's completely possible to sell land yourself, but it takes a LOT of time and energy, and ultimately your efforts may not be successful. The steps involved include getting the land photographed, talking up the sale to nearby landowners, posting advertisements online, and finally showing the land to a prospective land buyer and negotiating the sale.

A realtor can take care of many of the steps for you, but there's still a lot of paperwork you'll be required to complete such as seller disclosures. You can skip this step when selling your land for cash because a land buying company like ours will buy land as-is. It may also not be easy to find a land specialized real estate agent that's willing to list your property and go the extra mile to advertise it to a wide audience.

Selling land for cash is not only the fastest way to sell your land, it's also the easiest way. After you've provided your contact details to us, we will make you a cash offer and manage every step of the sale process, giving you a hassle-free experience.

We Buy Land 

We buy land in as-is condition. That means you don't need to make your land presentable in any way. As land buyers, it's not a problem if the grass has been growing or there's a vacant building on your property. You won't need to spend any time or money preparing your land for sale. 

We Buy Vacant Land

We buy vacant lots and land of all sizes. No matter the reason for wanting to sell your land, we'd like to make you a fair cash offer. We buy raw land, we buy vacant land, bare land, and we also buy vacant lots for building on. We buy land fast whether it's residential, commercial, or agricultural land. 

Sell Land Fast Online

These days, there are many ways to find buyers and sell land online. There are free places to list land for sale like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. There are also land specialty websites where you can pay to advertise land for sale, but neither of these options is likely to be quick.

The best way to sell land fast online is a we buy land company. As land specialists, we're able to research your property quickly to present you with a cash offer, avoiding the wait.

You may wonder if selling land online is safe, but you can sell land fast online just as safely as selling the traditional way if you research the cash buyer, review the purchase and sale agreement thoroughly, and make sure the closing is handled by a real estate attorney or title company.

To sell your land online, all you have to do is provide your contact information and request an offer. We'll give you a fair cash offer allowing you to sell your land for cash fast and easily.

Sell My Vacant Land Fast

If it's not currently being used, your vacant land parcel may feel like a burden. Like anything else that falls out of use, land that you may once have enjoyed visiting may now just be another thing you need to 'do something about.' 

The reality is that owning land is an expense. The property tax bill comes every year, and even if the amount is small, when you think of the taxes adding up over five or ten years, there may be more of a reason to sell land now. 

As an alternative to the expense of holding on to land, what could you do with the cash you'll get when you sell your lot? For a typical landowner, if the undeveloped land is unwanted or no longer in your plans then there's often a better use for the money like taking a vacation, paying a bill, or investing in something else.

Benefits of Selling Property for Cash

There are several benefits to selling land for cash besides being able to sell land quickly. It's the easiest way to sell raw land, saving you a lot of time. You'll be selling your land as-is, without any contract contingencies, or without needing to make any preparations for sale.

You will have certainty about the amount you will receive from the land sale. You won't have to wonder if and when a potential buyer will come along or how long it will take to resolve the sale. You'll be dealing directly with land experts that will guide you through each step of the sale.

Selling land for cash also saves you from paying costly fees like commissions. You'll avoid paying a real estate commission which can be 10% of the sale price in a traditional sale. We also pay for all closing costs including attorneys fees and transfer and recording taxes. 

While there are many reasons to sell your land fast, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to sell vacant land and move on. If you're ready to sell, consider taking a moment to request a cash offer.