Sell Your Land for Less than $100 with a Land For Sale Sign

Selling land is all about marketing, and a sign is a low-tech way to let people know that your land is for sale by owner. In fact, if you're just getting started, a sign is probably one of the first ways you'll want to advertise your land, but you may not know where to get one or what it should say.

In this guide:

Key Takeaways

  • 🚩 A sign helps alert passersby and potential buyers who are already in the area
  • 🏢 offers a good value option for purchasing a For Sale sign for less than $100
  • 🌐 For a hands off approach, a company can install a wooden post For Sale sign for you

Why use a Land For Sale sign to sell your land?

While most of the marketing methods to sell your land involve using the internet to draw attention to your land listing, a sign’s main purpose is just to let people who are already passing by your property know that your land is for sale. 

A for sale sign serves to:

  • Alert passersby that your land is for sale
  • Help visiting potential buyers find the property

You can also capture potential local buyers through a neighbor letter campaign, but your sign may be seen by someone that doesn’t receive (or read) a neighbor letter.

Imagine this scenario. You’ve sent out a neighbor letter campaign to all the property owners in a 1/4 mile radius of your property. But there may be a family renting a home near your property that would like to build their own home somewhere nearby. They won’t receive a letter from you because your neighbor letter campaign goes to the property owner, so unless they’re actively looking for land on the internet where you’re posting your listing like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, then they won’t know there’s land for sale near them.

The other scenario you want to avoid is that a potential buyer wants to see your land in person and you give them detailed directions on how to find it. But maybe they’re not familiar with the area and have a hard time locating it or maybe the property boundaries are not clearly marked so they don’t know where your property starts and stops. Having a sign up means at least they’ll find the property. If the sign has your phone number on it, then it’s also easier for them to call you with any questions they have while they’re at the property.

When may this not be worthwhile? If your land has very low visibility - for example, it’s located on a cul-de-sac or other road that doesn’t get any through traffic - then a for sale sign may not be worth the time and investment in terms of gaining marketing exposure, but consider an inexpensive sign anyway to help people find the property.

Before you start

Set your asking price

You’ll have to decide what asking price you want to set your property at before you put your sign in the ground. Once people start calling you, you'll need to know what your number is. Do your research, come up with your number, and then be firm with your potential buyers.

Do I need a second phone number?

You may want to consider getting a second phone number to use on your sign. This can be done free or very inexpensively, without getting a second phone, and helps to protect your privacy. Many of the other ways to market your land for sale require publicly listing your phone number, so getting a second number can be a good investment in keeping your number private.

If you already have a smartphone, Google Voice is one option for adding a second phone number to your existing phone. The first number in Google Voice is free and when someone calls that number it will ring to your phone. 

Where can I buy a real estate for sale sign?

Many of the real estate specific sign websites will have a minimum order size of at least three signs at once because they cater to real estate agencies, not individuals who may only want to purchase one sign.

Assuming you’re not looking to order multiple signs at once, one solid option to get your For Sale sign for less than $100 is Based in Plano, TX, Signazon offers many types of custom banners and signs that they can print and ship to you.

A good value for a For Sale by Owner land sign are the Banjo Frame packages. These packages include one banjo frame and one custom sign - all you really need for the typical land listing - for less than $100 including shipping. The frames are very sturdy metal that you just push right into the ground. The sign itself comes in different materials. The cheapest option, which is fine for most uses, is corrugated plastic. For something more durable, they also offer aluminum.  

Designing your sign

To get started, select Frame + Sign on the banjo frame package page and what material you want to order. This particular sign is 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Typically, you will not need a two-sided sign. Click Continue to Design. You can edit one of their templates or create one yourself from scratch. 

Sign that says land for sale with a phone number

The sign can be very simple and just say Land For Sale with your phone number like the one shown here. Nothing else is really needed. If you want to make it more specific, you can say something like ‘4 Acres For Sale.’ This banjo sign is not very large, so it’s not necessary to add more detail such as the price. You just want someone driving by to notice it, stop, and write down your phone number.

Once your design is complete, you’ll click Proof Approved to add the sign to your cart. The frame and the sign will be separate items in your cart. You’re ready to select your shipping option and checkout.

On a tight budget? Consider making a sign yourself instead if you have some spare materials. A basic sign could be created from a pair of 2 x 4s or metal rods and a painted piece of plywood. Just make sure it’s legible, the whole point is to make it easy for people to contact you about the land for sale.

Looking to make more of an impression than a banjo frame or for a more hand-off approach? Do a Google search for “real estate sign post installation“. There are companies that service real estate agencies that will install a traditional wooden post For Sale sign for you. The best part? They’ll come back to take it down once you’ve sold the land.


That’s all there is to getting a For Sale sign up for your land. A sign alone will probably not be enough to sell your land, but it’s an important step for advertising your property locally and will help people locate it once you have serious buyers interested.

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